Meftal Spas-
 pain killer
Rantac  –
 Rantac is a gastric medicine. It is used to treat conditions caused by excessive acidity in your stomach, More:
What Avil is used forAvil Tablets contain pheniramine maleate, a medicine used to treat allergic conditions such as hayfever, runny nose, itching skin and skin rashes. It is also used in the prevention and treatment of inner ear disorders (eg Meniere’s disease) and travel sickness.Avil is one of a group of medicines called ‘antihistamines’ which works by blocking the action of histamine.
Disprin analgesic:

Nothing’s as inefficient as the Workplace

The more i stay with and think about the workplace, the more i realize how deeply flawed and inefficient it is as a system…

and i don’t mean my organization specifically but actually attribute this to the very core of humanity and our access to and ability and limitations in having access to, understanding and retaining knowledge.which i’ve seen is majorly what an employee’s tasks are..however i wish that it would be about my aptitude, skill and the presentation of such noble virtues of my mind..but no..

my cv


windows apps…
named pipes (gv UNS Connection)
Remoting Objects (gv connection with its clients)


sencha touch 2.1
ext 4.1
google sites
WCF (.net 3,4)

Mobile Dev

Android (Transfer App POC of sencha replicated on Android to gauge effort)


Sharepoint 2010



what is it that i want ?


except, i know what i don’t want,,,, but knowing that i cannot focus on things that i don’t want, but on those that i do…

I want satisfaction fotr myself…not really, i’m of stable mind and all the discontent in the world doesn’t stop me from sleeping in the night.

I want to be Happy….not really…i’m perfectly fine with all the feelings and know that i am easily moved by external stimulus, and that i accept all emotions as they come…vicariously or in 1st person…

I want to be rich….i know that i hate all things that involve money and detest money as a whole….so if i were given a billion $ today, i would not need or want to do anaything with it.

I want to be Famous….talking and listening to shit is something that i have always detested… all i really want is to be left alone to live and to die….

I want to be Challenged …yes, i do like and am all for intellectual challenge..using the grey matter, as its the only time that i really feel anything for real….

I want to enjoy Life… well, the thought and eminence of death has really left me with only one acceptible conclusion …life is meaningless and to attach any meaning to it is as foolish as sleeping a little longer coz you were having a nice dream…

I want Human Connection ….not believing in the Real Value of any human interaction, i would never want to talk to another person

I want to Love… i see love as an illusion not any different from Family or Friendship..meaningless need to share your shit with others….

Logical Quiz 2

1.You drive to the store at 20 mph and return by the same route at 30 mph. Discounting the time spent at the store, what was your average speed?
2. Two trains travel toward each other on the same track, beginning 100 miles apart. One train travels at 40 miles per hour; the other travels at 60 miles an hour. A bird starts flight at the same location as the faster train, flying at a speed of 90 miles per hour. When it reaches the slower train, it turns around, flying the other direction at the same speed. When it reaches the faster train again, it turns around — and so on. When the trains collide, how far will the bird have flown?
3. A clock is observed. The hour hand is exactly at the minute mark, and the minute hand is six minutes ahead of it. Later, the clock is observed again. This time, the hour hand is exactly on a different minute mark, and the minute hand is seven minutes ahead of it. How many hours have elapsed between the first and second observations?
4. At McDonald’s you can order Chicken McNuggets in boxes of 6, 9, and 20. What is the largest number of nuggets that it is not possible to obtain by purchasing some combination of boxes?
5. Potatoes are made up of 99% water and 1% “potato matter.” Jack bought 100 pounds of potatoes and left them outside in the sun for a while. When he returned, he discovered that the potatoes had dehydrated and were now only made up of 98% water. How much did the potatoes now weigh?
6 and 7. You own a pet store. If you put in one canary per cage, you have one canary too many. If you put in two canaries per cage, you have one cage too many. How many canaries and cages do you have?
8. On a man’s tombstone, it is said that one sixth of his life was spent in childhood and one twelfth as a teenager. One seventh of his life passed between the time he became an adult and the time he married; five years later, his son was born. Alas, the son died four years before he did. He lived to be twice as old as his son did. How old did the man live to be?
9. 97 baseball teams participate in an annual state tournament. The champion is chosen for this tournament by the usual elimination scheme. That is, the 97 teams are divided into pairs, and the two teams of each pair play against each other. The loser of each pair is eliminated, and the remaining teams are paired up again, etc. How many games must be played to determine a champion?
10. A mountain goat attempts to scale a cliff sixty feet high. Every minute, the goat bounds upward three feet but slips back two. How long does it take for the goat to reach the top?
1.       24
2.       90
3.       2
4.       43
5.       50
6.       4 canaries 
7.       3 cages.
8.       84
9.       96
10.     58
Ref :

Deleted Feeds

1. Wired in lieu of Wired Top Stories that i have subs to

2 weeks of inactivity led to 13,000+ feeds in my Feedly, as if that wasn’t daunting enough, when i was reading through those i realised that i wasn’t really gaining anything from it.

So i decided to delete most tech news kinda sources that shit out more iPhone and Android speculations than real news…..

Good riddance 🙂