Pradhanmantri Series Notes

Pradhanmantri – Episode 1 – Integration of 565 Princely States with India – YouTube

Accession doc had to be signed by all saying they are with India or Pak. Or British said that they can continue to be independent if they want
MountBatten stayed back, and along with Nehru and VP Menon, got most princely states to sign it in the last ten days before fifteen aug
MountBatten said that they will not get any support from the British if they chose to stay independent and so they complied
Travanpore was first to declare independence as they had sea open for access to the world
This was concern to govt but was helpless, and so people rose to the occasion and rioted and showed their support to join secular india. There was even an assination attempt on the king’s life
This happened in many other places as well

Pradhanmantri – Episode 2 – Story of Hyderabad & Junagarh
Hyderabad was the richest and Junagarh was third richest. Junagarh was even close to Pak border.
Both wanted independent states.
Junagarh declared support for Pak as Jinnah was playing his game of granting favours
Junagarh had Hindu majority and so he thought that if India took it by talking public vote then he would force that in Kashmir as well and as there is Muslim majority there, it would easily come to Pak.
Finally the Junagarh king fled to Pak after riots
Hyderabad similarly wanted to by independent and was very rich and large. They thought that the govt was busy fighting for kashmir and so won’t attack them, but we did in Sept 1948 and won it in five days.

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 3 – Story of Kashmir – YouTube
Then came kashmir’s chance. They also wanted independent state and their king was Hindu. Now Pak started sending terrorists there with intension of causing riots and taking kashmir by force, and so Indian Millitary intervened after the Prince signed the Accession. But they officially only took back area upto kargil before the peace treaty was signed and so since then that line is called LOC and before that is our Kashmir and post that is POK, even to this day.
Then Pak went to UN saying this was unfair and that Fair people opinion poll should be taken, but this was never possible coz of the constant unrest and india saying that the Accession has been signed fairly.

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 4 — Story of Madras and Bombay

Now in soverign independent india, there were only few big states and rest was just a mess and so when the Accession crap ended by 1949, the next step was to create states. Political Leaders wanted the states to be created on Linguistic bases and Nehru was strictly against that, so a committee was set up to decide the best Partition based on Economic factors. Meanwhile Madras was the biggest state and multilingual too. Inside it, there was a telugu speaking sect asking for Andra Pradesh for Telugus. Nehru rejected their plea but their leader sat on indefinate fast and died after seventy days. this led to riots and so Nehru had to agree to creation of Andhra Pradesh.
This encouraged more linguist parties to demand for states. Bombay had Marathi majority but Gujarati businessmen.They wanted Bombay to become Gujarat and independent to Maharashtra. Murarji Desai was the Minister then. Finally when the report of the committee came, nehru decided to keep Bombay independent and outside Maharashtra, but later divided Bombay into Mumbai {in Maharashtra} and independent Gujarat state.

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 5- Hindu Code Bill.mp4

BR Ambedkar {law minister championed it with nehru}, as a first PROGRESSIVE step in similar law for all religions
It had laws for monogamy, divorce. women’s share and rights etc.
its interesting to note that the way this Bill indentified a “Hindu” was to say that anyone who’s not a Muslim or Christian is a Hindu. This itlsef was controversial
ministers objected saying that it should not be limited to one religion
President Rajendra prasad objected too
public said that the govt was not elected so cannot pass such law
Some swami objected to stuff like polygamy saying the the scriptures have provision for it
This was in 1951, the year of the first election and so nehru took the bill back and Ambedkar resigned. then nehru fought from allahabad and was opposed by prabhudat bhramachari
finally congress won and then Nehru divided the bill into multiple peices and was passed in 1955 and later. Ambedkar was a part of Rajya Sabha then but not law minster then. he is still the first to fight for women rights apart from Dalit rights and his role in creating the Constitution
But there is still debate as to why there was no Uniform Civil Code proposted, why only Hindu.
—Pradhanmantri – Episode 6- India-China war.mp4

in 1962 China attacked Tejpur town of Assam,India…The town folk left overnight and Banks burned their currency
We were not that organized and lost ladhak and other areas, 44k km land equal to 28 Delhis
Why did the war happen??
Well, in 1950 the People’s republic of china party took over from Mao
They attacked Tibet and added it to china.
Now they had direct access to india.
Because India and china had never had the official Border discussion, everthing was a grey area.
Nehru had declared in India that the McMehan line was the India China Borde.This was made in 1914 b/w british and china in 1950, but china never responded.
Moreover in 1954 we signed a 5 pt treaty of peaceful coexistance..when the hindi chini bhai bhai term origined
but from 55 to 60, china had rejected the McMehan line and both PMs had visited each other, and had dialogues, but no agreement.War was inevitable.
The defeat broke nehru and he died a yr. post that.
the war looks futile now, as in 57, china had proposed that it keep the aksai part of ladakh {that it had occupied illegally by encroachment} and india keep arunachal pradesh, but Nehru had rejected this. And even today the state is the same sa what china had proposed, so war would have been averted if Nehru would have agreed.

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 7- Lal Bahadur Shastri.mp4
after Nehru;s death it came upon Kamraj, a head of congress party and there were two contenders Murarji Desai {once CM of Maharashra, bfr Gujarat formation} and Lal Bahadur Shastri.
He was so poor once that his daughter died when he couldn’t afford medicines for her.
anyways, when he came into office indira wrote him letter asking him to convert her dad, nehru’s residence, TinMurthi Bhavan into smarak for nehru.
He was rendered powerless as his position was due to congress and not the people as with Nehru. hence he couldn’t take decisions on his own. Within 3 months cabinet raised no confidence against him.
Then in 1965 pak attacked rann of kach and took 50mile land. then they attacked in Kashmir, so then Shashtri gave oders for army to cross pakistan border from Punjab and take over Lahore. this was a major win for india and we took 700km land from pak.
Then he gained lot of popularity and gave india the “jai javan jai kisan” slogan
Then he went to Kabul for Taiskein agreement with pak whereby the armies will move back to their 1947 borders. The night he signed the agreement, he died in his sleep in Jan 1966
—Pradhanmantri – Episode 8- After the death of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri – YouTube.mp4
It was again upto Kamraj to decide who would be the next PM. His syndicate of ministers in congress wanted him to be Pm but he said that he couldn’t as he didn’t know Eng or Hindi…
Then he supported Indira Gandhi {Nehru’s daughter} against Murarji Desai, as she could be controlled more easily
so then india was facing consecutive droughts and indira went to US for aid. They agreed to help India if india agreed to devaluate the Rupee. She agreed and the exchange rate increased from 4 to 7 rs per dollar. This was bad for us as our imports were more than exports.

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 9- Split in Congress – Indira Gandhi and Morarji Desai – YouTube.mp4

Then elections came back in June 66. Indira won, but had lost the support of the now weak syndicate {Kamraj himself had lost} …
Then she nationalized the banks leading many to think that she was making india a communist state.
Then she got her choice VV Giri selected as President even though he was independent candidate {as congress raised another candidate that the syndicate controlled}
finally in 69, she was expelled from congress because she did voted for inde candidate for President ,so indira called a vote and 410 congress people in the 2 houses voted and 300 sided with indira, and broke off from congress..the new party was called congressR and old congressO
She then called for reelection 14 months before term hoping to get absolute majority in the houses, and she got it

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 10- Story before 1971 war.mp4
in 1971 british journalist published a article in Bristish paper titled Genocide, based on his experiences in East Pak. East pak constituted Bengali people while West Pak was Muslim, so West Pak people in East, opressed the bengalis. This led to uprising, and the East Pak Army {muslim} started Genocide to control this. They killed over 3 lakh bengalis. Over 10 Lakh took refuge in India
so then indira wanted our army to intervene but the chief, sam manil shaw said that this is not the right time as our army was not ready.
Meanwhile there were elections in pak and the party that won {got majority } was from East Pak and so Benezir Bhutto could not let that happen and implemented Martial Law in the country {east and west}
this led to more refugees coming to {1 cr by now} and continued genocide
Indira appealead to foreign nations to no avial.
Then she invited the US secretary and sam on breakfast and said to him that if US doesn’t do anything, she’ll ask sam to. Then she signed protection treaty with Russia. This way India was safe and so we started training volunteer refugees for Gurilla warfare
This agitated Pak and they declared war on India from west pak as they knew they had no strength in east pak
But india got Bangladesh freedom on Dec 71

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 11- 1971 Indo-Pak war – YouTube.mp4
ok so India was crushing Pak’s attack from West and also fighting in East to create free Bangladesh.
Indira even recognized free Bangladesh after only 72 hrs of war.It was all a part of her master plan
Then US intervened with open support of pak, but here india russia treaty came of use and that’s why US could not attack india
Finally East Pak general surendered and that was the end of East Pak. Bangladesh was Born.
India immediately ended the war.
In Shimla Summit, India returned all 53k pak soldiers in exchange for assurance that all talks would be bilateral {ie free of US intervention}

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 12- Emergency in India.mp4
in 1974 Indira declared emergency saying that Jaiprakash Narayan is indtigating the Army against the govt. She jailed top ministers like Murarji Desai
She then anounced relections in some states and won so that 90 ercent country was congress
Next, she changed laws and ammended those like the bank nationalization that she wanted for long
she had president etc, but not Juditiary and then she made her own chief justice
jai prakash narayan, an activist objected this
moreover inflation increased by 30 percent in and yr.
Sanjay gandhi was now clearly in power. he launched a 5 pt scheme which inclded thigs like family planning and beautification of the country
Pradhanmantri – Episode 13- India after emergency, Janata Party wins general election – YouTube.mp4
finally after 19 months the emergency was lifted off and indira announced election in 1977
All the leaders released from jail post emergency end, like JanSangh, Congress, Bharatiya Lokdal and socialist party got together to form JANTA Dal. Morarji Desai led the party. they got jai prakash’s support
They won the majority with 254 seats and Atal Bihari as the head Now charan singh, jagjivan ram and JP Narayan were PM contenders, but as charan was not active, jagjivam had 1st proposed emergency and JP Narayan had said he never want a seat, rhe was the Kingmaker and so he made Murarji Desai the PM
SO then they started their revenge against indira, 1st by creating Shah commission to inquire into the atrocities by her during the emargency and then finally in Oct 77 arrested her, but the case was not that strong and so she was released by court the next day.
But then Congress I had lost faith in her and so she created new Congress I with Hand as symbol. She won election in Andhra in the 1stmonth only. Then they continued to sabotage the Lokdal party in the center through charan singh who was furious as he was not made PM. They asked him and his menbers to resign, causing the party in center to loose power and he did. this way finally Murarji had to resign and Charan was made PM with Congress support, but only for 21 days and then congress took the support back and announced elections
—Pradhanmantri – Episode 14- Operation Blue Star and the assassination of Indira Gandhi – YouTube.mp4

After 1977 dafeat of congress in punjab, and most of india, Prakash Singh Badal formed AkaliDal party, and so congress, to compete against them took the support of an inside man Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale to sabotage the AkaliDal from the inside. He did it, but for his own personal gain. He did this by exploiting the old difference b/w Nirankari and Kattar Sikh. the difference b/w the 2 sects is that Nirankari believe in living gurus and the Guru Gobind Singh had made Guru Granth Sahib as the next guru and said that there cannot be any living guru after him, which caused the divide.
now in 1980 elections Congress came back in Majority in Centre and defeated AkaliDal in Punjab.
now in 1981, census began in punjab and punjab kesari paper said that hindus should tell their language to be Hindi and not Punjabi. this infuriated the Kattar Bhindrawale, and they assassinated the editor.he was attersted and then released in six days by congress saying the there was no concrete evidence against him. He then supproted the voice for seperate country Khalistan for Punjab
At that time India was hosting Asiad games in Delhi and Indira’s elder son Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for it.
They sealed the Delhi Haryana border due to fear of Bhindrawale and this gave him a subject to indtigate the people against. He then assassinated DIG of Police in Golden Temple only
indira still did not take any action against him and so he continued to terrorize by attacking busses in the night and killing hindus
Then in 1983 he captured Golden Temple to show his power to the world
Then Narsimha Rao formed a compromise whereby punjab will get Chandigarh and Haryana will get Abahu Town
But Bhindrawale refused that and kept killing hindus, sending message that hindus are not welcome in Punjab and that he wants a punjab religion country of Khalistan. He had pak support in this as well.
Then indira launched operation blue star whereby pak border was sealed and telephone lines cut and army was send to Golden Temple
they killed Bhindrawale, but over 500 army and civilians lost their lives in the 3 days.
Then CBI told Indira that there is a conspiracy and that her sikh guards might try to kill her, but she ignored it and on Oct 84 she was assassinated.
Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as PM and he put a moderate CM in punjab, but he was killed. the terrorism in punjab had increased and with ISI support, the call for Khalistan was louder than ever.
Finally after 10 yrs in 94, punjab was stabalized and in these 10 yrs it was under president rule. Gill army officer played major role in fighting the gurillas there
—Pradhanmantri – Episode 15- India after assassination of Indira Gandhi, Sikh Riots – YouTube.mp4
After indira’s death 3000 sikhs were killed in delhi alone. 1 to 3 nov 84
on1 Nov only Rajiv took over as PM despite of pleas from his wife Sonia gandhi to not do it.
—Pradhanmantri – Episode 15- India after assassination of Indira Gandhi, Sikh Riots – YouTube.mp4

The riots killed over 4000 sikhs in 3 days.
in the next election after 2 months congress won its biggest win 400 seats and Rajiv gandhi became PM officially
In indore a muslim lawyer divorced his wife and gave her no rights.
Supreme court ruled in the favour of wife even thought there was no law for this till now. this raised hue and cry in the muslim community. now for Rajiv this was his first real test and he was expected to pass Common Civil Law, but he found midway and only passed divorce act in 1986, saying that he;s a Polititian too. This was in favour of muslims. Now he had to do something for the Hindus as well…and he did…openign the ram mandir in ayodhya

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 16- Babri Mosque Demolition.mp4
Jan 30 86 was the day that lower court orderd the lock on the ram mandir to be opened ater only 2 days of hearing. This was broadcasted live by DD channel. this was done so fast as rajiv wanted it to happen bfr the bill was passed as if he kept hindus happy they wouldn’t mind his bill {which was only to get muslim votes}.
Also VishwaHinduParishad was threatning a rally against Congress if the temple was not opened.
But now that it was, VishwaHinduParishad, asked for the reconstruction of the temple.
Then the karsevak of the VishwaHinduParishadled by atal Bihari reached ram mandir to organize havan and kirtan, but the karsevaks started to climb the dome of the Babri maszid and so it demolished..under their weight or not, who knows..
this was 6 dec 1992. then UP minister was kalyan singh. now the history lesson here is that in 1528 babur had created. but kattar hindus say that this land first hosted a temple to honor ram’s birthplace
Rajiv had bofors scandal on his head and so he diverted attention of public by saying he was pro hindu and will bring back ram rajya in the UP elections. but he lost in that state to BJP supported party led by VP Singh in UP
He was revisiting the Mandal commission that gave reservation and so BJP felt that this would hurt their hindu vote bank. Hence LK Advani in 1990 started 10k km rath yatra to ayodhya
But he was arrested midway and so BJP took back its UP support and VP singh fell down. So elections again in 91, but during this rajiv gandhi was killed, and so the sentiments got congress elected once again and Narsimha Rao became the PM, but in UP it was kalyan Singh who became the CM {from Sang party} and went to ayodhya with BJP’s MurliManoharJyoshi and took oath to make temple there.
this went on an Narsimha rao did not take any decision on it, one plan he had was to dissolve the govt and enforce centre rule, but bfr that only kalyan said that if his govt is abolished, they’ll riot.

So then after all negotiations failed, on 20 Dec 91, the karseva was organized and 2lk people were present. this caused roudy behavior in activists of VishwaHinduParishad and they started breaking the dome of babri maszid
The ministers and police were celebrating this. Later mulayam singh took responsibility of the demolition and said he was happy about it…
The breaking did not lead to creation of new temple, but the country burned to 2 months post that with riots and over 2K deaths and the issue is still in court
—Pradhanmantri – Episode 17- The story of the Bofors scandal.mp4

this scam in commission taken by rajiv gandhi from sweden company bofors cost him the elections and made VP Singh next pm. anyways so rajiv won the election in 1984 but in 1985, on occasion of congress’ centenary 100yrs, he gave a speech against many congress ministers
pranab mukherjee {current PM} objected and was expelled from congress.
Now, in 86, VP Singh was gaining fame as IT Minister and so Rajiv Gandhi moved him to Defance ministry, VP then hired Fairfax, intr. detective agency to investigate our Ministers. in Apr 87 he also launched inquiry into the purchase of HDR subs from germany
then sweden media revealed that there was commission paid to india in purchase of bofors guns
rajiv gandhi was prompted by all misisters to start inquiry in this, but he refused. so they all left and led by VP singh won the elections in Allahabad, as Janta Dal, a new party that they formed along with the opposition
then VP singh became the face of fight against corruption and in the next election, formed teh govt by coilation of janta dal and bjp. VP singh became PM
—Pradhanmantri – Episode 18- Mandal Commission and the fall of V P Singh.mp4

then in 1990 there was reelection and VP singh became the PM again
But now he had to do something big to stay in power as it was coilation govt and hence unstable.
so he took up the 1979 mandal report which had proposed 27 percent reservation for OBC. it had dentified 51 percent of the population as OBC based on the 1931 census.
now students were all protesting this and VP singh knew that his govt will not stay for long now. But the reason he did this was to be memorable for long. Now BJP was in a fix as if they supported or rejected the reservation, they will loose votes both ways and so thought it best to change the topic and in 1991 LK Advani started Rath yatra to Ayodhya
But this was concerning to VP Singh and so he arranged for Advani’s arrest in Bihar midway.
The very next day BJP took back its support and VP singh’s govt. fell coz of being in minority now
—Pradhanmantri – Episode 19- The assasination of Rajiv Gandhi.mp4

India’s involvement in Sri Lanka led to LTTE {headed by prabhakaran} assasinating rajiv gandhi at a rally in tamil nadu.
on jul 87 rajiv went to sri Lanka to sign peace accord
at that time sri lank was engulfed in cast wars b/w buddhist singla hindus and tamilians.
india signed a peace accord with sri lanka which prabhakaran was against, as he and tamilian interests were not included in it. Tamilians wanted a independent country by partitioning sri lanka
sri lanka got independence in 1948, and tamilians were sent there to work in the fields
then in 50s their right to vote was taken away and singla was declared as the national language making it impossible for indian tamils to get govt jobs
they became second class citizens and so in 70s formed LTTE to fight for their rights and equal status
India favoured their stand and under tamil nadu pressure started traiging these LTTE gurillas
but soon they became strong and started fighting the IPCF {indian peace keeping force} in sri lanka
then rajiv gandhi gave orders to IPCF to fight back.
but by 1990, relections were held in sri lanka and the new party shook hands with LTTE and resolved to solve this diplomatically. This way indian force there was not needed anymore, and VP Singh recalled the troops.
But in 91, elections in india were scheduled again and LTTE was concerned that if gandhi comes back, he can send the troops back to fight LTTE
that’s why in his tamil nadu rally they assainated him
till today the issue is not resolved, though prabhakaran was killed in 2008.

Episode 20
The effects of globalization that we see today arose from the bankerupsy of India in 1991.
globalization was affected when our foreign exchange was left only to buy oil for 7 more days. RBI head then met Manmohan singh the PM Advisor and Manmohan took him to met PM Chandrashekar and FM yashvant sinha, and india gave 20000 kg gold in liew of geting 20000cr dollar loan.
these conditions arose coz in 91 gulf war iraq attacked quait and the oil price increased over 100 percent and that brokw our backs
then the load also evaporated and so we went to IMF for loan, but it was US Controlled and they did not grant loan till we allowd their planes to refuel in india on their way to attack iraq
we agreed. the IMF load lasted for a bit only and in 92 Narsimha Rao became PM and made Manmohan singh the FM.
Manmohan singh in the budget report said “there is no power that can stop an idea whose time has come”. he was referring to Economic Loberalization ie globalization.
Narsimha rao kept the industry ministry with him and got rid of the License Raj, inviting private companies
sensex was rising everyday and money was coming into the free market
PV Narsimha Rao, in 92, caught in the HarshadMehta scam. HarshadMehta had duped the RBI and state bank in a securities transaction and did fraud of 540cr. this when came out fully, it waws found to be a 5000cr govt securities scam. so he was creating securities and investing in stock mkt

claimed that he had paid one cr. to Narsimha rao. HarshadMehta was ruling the stock markets in 92 post globalization.
then though this case was not strong enough there were other cases too against Narsimha rao and finally no confidenct motion was filed against him. he won this too by bribing the ministers thought again this was never proved
then in 1996 Narsimha filed petition to CBI to reveal the contents of havala diary that CBI had found in havala scam to win the 96 elections but still he lost though the people caught like advani and arun singh were caught in the scam.

BOTTOMLINE: After over 15{45*20 min} hrs of watching and then spending time thinking and writing about this Story of India, here are some generic thoughts:

Democracy, the Indian one, doesn’t work..It cannot work..Nothing can be accomplished in a democracy, as the primary functioning of it is based on Votes and Majority. With the inclusion of Votes and Majority in the system of Work, whatever is done looks like it’s been supported by the maximum no. of people but really is only deals for favours owed or IOUs gathered. Human selfishness triumphs the voter’s thoughts on the Decision at hand.

Making of laws and implementation of policies cannot be left to the opinion and whims and fancies of the ministers. It has to always be a rational emotion free and scientific decision completely devoid of any humand interaction or influence.

The past can be both a teacher or a garbage bag depending on who uses it and how, but in the hands of a machine, the past can be nothing but Data that can be analyzed and visualized and Interpreted free from the dirt of human mind…Its only the rise of Machines that can save humanity…

For instance, in the Hindu Code Bill, if you leave it upto machines to make the decision based on analytics, it would have been passed in seconds for all Indians…

Also, from 1971 war its clear how big of an AHole US is..


indira married Feroz khan and sould have decome indira khan , when this created stir in Nehru’s house, after a lot of infighting between her & father, the matter was presented to Gandhiji, who after a lot of thought, put a condition for acceptance that Feroz should change his surname from Khan to Gandhi, of his mother’s father’s surname. He agreed & after sometime he was killed in mysterious circumstances. Who killed him ? Later,she rturned to Hindufold & Gandhiji’s trick worked(man of truth). It is said that Indira’s sons were named Rajiv & Sanjeev. The latter was caught while stealing something in Engalnd & so, his passport was forefeited there. India’s ambassader there arranged a bogus passport for him at new name Sanjay & sent him back to India. So, he became Sanjay from Sanjeev.

Pradhanmantri Episode 21 – YouTube

1996 bajpayee became pm for 13 days thus began the era of coailation govt.
Congress made UPA, BJP made NDA
96 to 98, 3 PMs came in 96 elections BJP got highest 190 seats but 244 were neded to form the govt, so then President shankar dayal sharma invited BJP to form govt.
But after babri masjid BJP was looked at, by others, as being a communal party and so others didn’t want to support it.
so in the 2 weeks that President gave to BJP they weren’t able to show majority, and the govt fell in 13 days
the HDDevegoda, led small 13 parties’ united front, along with Congress, showed majority and became PM.
but then kesri became congress head and forced narshiha rao out. narshiha was the one coordinating with HDDevegoda for coailation govt.
kesri took back support,as he wanted to be pm now and so the coailation govt. collapsed
Now United Front had to select a new PM and they selected IKGujaral and Kesri agreed to it and so IKGujaral became the next PM
Then in 97, sonia gandhi was getting strong in congress and kesri wanted to show his loyalty to her and so when the “damnning revelation”, the report of the investigation into rajiv gandhi’s assasination came out which revealed that DMK ministers were involved with LTE in the assasination, kesri wrote a letter to IKGujaral pressuring removal of DMK ministers from the cabinet. but as they were a part of the united front, IKGujaral did not agree to this as it was just interim report and not final one, and so for the 2nd time, congress took back its support. then ironically in the final report the involvement of DMK ministers was excluded.
Now in 98 in the next elections BJP had realised that they will not get clear majority in any case and so not to repeat the 1996 mistakes, formed a coailation called NDA, before going to the elections only. this paid off and NationalDemocraticAlliance got the majority in the 98 elections and formed the govt.under bajpayee’s leadership. from 4 parties supporting BJP in 96, now NDA had 13 parties. so in 98 bajpayee beacme the PM again.
Now in 98, sonia became the congress head and took jailalita and KSubramaniam’s help to break the NDA govt. and so sonia met jailalita and in few days post that jailalita took back her support (27 seats) and so the NDA govt fell by 1 vote. then immediately sonia joined mulayam and proposed to form the govt, but then mulayam took back his support and then sonia’s dream was left unfulfilled.
note that the very KSubramaniamSwami that lead the NDA govt collpse is today in BJP
So elections were held again in 98.

—Pradhanmantri – Episode 22- Nuclear Test, Kargil and

India was capable of testing nuclear weapons from the time of Nehru, but he and leaders since were against it…homi bhabha championed the nuclear tech for india…finally in 96, when US was not giving india cover under its protection umbrella {which it had given to 200 coutries} even after china had tested Nuclear weapons, under PM Atal Bihari Bajpayee, India tested nuclear and hydrogen and thermonuclear weapons inpokharan for 1st time. APJAbdulKalam was the head of this program ans scientific advisor to the PM.

Then US and china imposed restrictions on india and called us rogue nation. Pak too tested nuclear weapons within 15 days of india showing that it already had the capability.

now in May 98 pak army led by musharaff, infiltrated kargil and took over 140 posts. now that both nations were nuclear capable, india couldn’t cross the LOC or open other fronts fearing nuclear attack.

India won the war, and pak had to retaliate from the 1500 km land but there was an instance where UN caught pak forces moving the nuclear bomb and attaching it to a missile and pointing it towards india. It was US intervention that stopped this.


—Pradhanmantri – Episode 23 – Gujarat riots

22 Feb 2002, at godhra stn. a sabarmati exp. was burned killing 60 kar sevaks {members of Vishva Hindu Parishad} returning from Ayodhya. That evening Modi, Gujarat CM called a meeting and said that if this leads to revenge against muslims, he will let it happen {this was revealed by IPS Sanjeev Bhatt who was not present in the meeting}, but ther is no evidence for it. Modi asked for the corpses to be brought into ahemdabad so that he gets goodwil for it, but the way the bodies were brought in open truck and then handed to family members, brought out the anger in people and caused riots in ahemdabad. 1300 people died in the riots. This was a black spot in the BJPs Centre Govt. tenure. Now as Bajpayee was PM, but also of NDA, a coialation of 20 parties, he could not take a strong stand against modi and so decided to resign. Pramod Mahajan and Jaswant Singh stopped him then. for in 2011 11 people were hanged and 20 jailed for this crime.
in 2003 it was election time and so parties forgot godhra and focussed on their manifesto. modi won with the slogan of Vibrant Gujarat and NDA was busy promoting its Shining India campaign.
Then NDA lost in 2004 centre elections and Bajpayee said that this was coz of the Gujarat riots and people wanted modi’s resignation and how he wanted it too, but RSS leaders favoured modi.
thus began thw decline of Bajpayee and the rise of modi.


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