learn names of all countries

  • Many Asian countries end in an
    • Many Asian countries end in an.JPG
  • East European countries end in ia
    • East European countries end in ia.JPG
  • 5 European countries end in land
    • 5 European countries end in land.JPG
  • Many African countries end in ia
    • Many African countries end in ia.JPG
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Waiting for the Open and Free Distribution of Stuff

With software, i can instantly use piece of code that anyone in the world has written, but with goods/products/stuff, there was no way for anyone to distribute/share stuff…

so if i have designed an awesome table that i want to share freely with others, i need to sell the design to a manufacturer, who’ll then produce the table and then it’ll enter the local market and will be available for some people…

The next step in this revolution was eCommerse, whereby the product can be sold online, hence making it available for anyone in the world…

But the final step is when products are distributed like software, whereby the creator shares the designs online free/paid and then if i want the table, i download the design and 3D print it, cutting out everyone starting from manufacturer to distributor to shopkeeper…

That’s when i’ll start making and using stuff…for now i’m happy with the basic necessities of life…the current model just doesn’t look right to the programmer in me…

work items and blame

Just want to say that i’ve found that more often than not, the reason someone doesn’t do something, it’s coz he doesn’t know that he’s supposed to do it…or there was some misunderstanding or valid reason…

so instead of blaming people for not doing stuff i’ve found it best to first ask why they didn’t do it…

and also it wouldn’t hurt to go agile or atleast maintain a Kanban board of tasks…if you don’t do anything, at least be clear in task assignment and tracking…

World Vision India

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You too can sponsor a child in need for just Rs. 800 every month. Your sponsorship will ensure that your child is educated, healthy and well-nourished and has access to life’s essentials. The child’s family and community will also benefit through various developmental initiatives.

When you sponsor a child, you will receive the child’s picture and his/her family background. You will also receive the child’s annual progress report, showing you his/her progress. Moreover, you can keep in touch with your sponsored child through cards, letters and personal visits, thus being an active participant in your child’s progress and development.

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