When money is the only form of appreciation

The effort that I put in my work is driven from my passion…but the problem is that bonus and


Life reviewed in years

2003 to 2005 : puberty and seek awakening

2005 to 2007 : awakening of consciousness… discovery of philosophy and spirituality and incessantly reading and writing about it and start of life and thought logging

2007 to 2008 : left home to stay with stranger in far off land… Discovering  the internet and exploring its endless possibilities

2008 to 2011 : discovery of media (movies and sitcoms and documentaries) … Incessantly consuming media first at 1X but soon at upto 2X.

2011 to 2014 : Entering freshly into corporate IT world …learning everything about IT and computer science and programming… Incessant POCs at work… Blogging about everything all the time into 10 blogs… Rapid growth and maturity in coding at work… Discovering web videos at home… Still incessantly consuming media…

2014 to 2015 : discovering RSS and subscribing to over 1000 sources covering all domains of interest from tech to finance and Over 200 video sources… Discovered mobile dev on Android an iOS and azure cloud…

2015 to 2016 : Aspiring to get back into reading At least 1 book a week… Hoping and praying that workload continues to be light…