The Heat Of The Moment

This is one of those rare events that, like a volcanic eruption, destroy lives, assumptions, relations and cover the blissful light of ignorance with the ash of truth…

For instance, when your girlfriend says to you that you wasted last X years of your life, or the onshore manager says that the offshore team has never delivered results…or any other crap of this crappiverse…

The reason for such eruptions can be broadly classified into 2:

Type 1.  The villager really is an a-hole and so the volcano has had enough of him so it erupts

Type 2. The villager actually is doing things like providing for his family and dealing with other shit to survive, while all the Volcano wants is for the villager to worship it, or some other shit, to spare his life. Basically, there’s a clash in the requirement and the delivery.

So, how do you prevent the eruption? Well, you can’t. Coz if it’s a Type 1 eruption, then you are actually asking for it, and so all’s well. you can always move to another village

If it’s Type 2, then you have to be a bigger a-hole to worship the Volcano all day, coz i’d rather be in a Type 1 situation. But if, like most people you work hard to survive and develop yourself and your skills etc. the Volcano will always erupt on you, at one time or the other….

What if you yourself become the Volcano? In some cases you will be a volcano for some villagers, but there’re always scenarios and situations when you’re a villager, and we’re really focusing on that right now…

Plan to explore the world of Music

I’ve long tried to create a collection of music that i love, and create playlists and stuff, and have long struggled with the Q of offline vs online, which software to use (believe me when i say i’ve tried them all), how to organize my library (by artist, genre, mood, album), collecting videos vs music, mp3 vs lossless… and other such crappy decisions,,,

But finally i got fed-up of it all and gave up and did nothing…

Finally now I’ve decided to go with these things;

  1. Subscribe to all artist’s youtube channels as RSS in Feedly (Mostly VEVO channels). Also subscribe to feeds like Billboard and VEVO and TSeries etc. to get metadata feeds (like top/new videos). This way i can keep up with new videos
  2. Create a youtube playlist for each artist/movie (Hindi or English)
  3. Create a Master playlist of songs that i can listen to forever on repeat…again on youtube, and seperate for eng and hindi music

The way i’m going about doing the above is to do the following in order:

  1. First subs to feeds of all artists and metadata feeds (like TSeries and VEVO)
  2. Go through Billboard best songs of all time, top 100 of each year, and such to discover new artists and songs and perform step 1 for each
  3. Go through each feed/channel for each artist to listen to past videos and add them to their playlist if it’s good
  4. Finally go through each playlist and add forever songs to the forever Master Playlist

Listening Experience

  1. Youtube Android and Web
  2. youtube TV:
  3. Chrome Extension: Streamus