Today I realized the true value of Open Book Tests and the right way to draft a test

Today, while I was sending out a hackerRank test to a prospective candidate, my retarded colleague commented saying that “what is the value in this, what if he cheats?”.

I didn’t have a response prop up in my brain immediately, partially coz i know he’s completely retarded and not worth giving reply to…

But then now, at night i thought about it for a sec, and the reason became obvious. When i give someone a test, i as the creator of Qs, have to ensure that he cheats (ie create an open book test) so as to arrive to the conceptual response that would make his answer correct, thereby ensuring that he’s capable of learning and thinking and analysing stuff instead of simply remembering it….

Note that Cheating in this context is from the book or internet, and not from another brain (person). And that can be easily assured by locking him in a room if you’re in 2010 or conducting the test over VC or Skype.

So bottom line is to not ask questions, that show up as 1st page results in google…ask PROBLEMS that you want the candidate to be able to solve as a prerequisite of getting the said job…so that when he passes, you can be sure of the fact that he can solve the PROBLEMS that you throw at him on the Job…

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