Tips/Lessons in Watching Online Videos

I subscribe to a lot of youtube channels and stuff and so an watching online videos almost everyday. Here are a few lessons/tips that i’ve picked up:

  1. Use Time saving tools like
    1. youtube center: It controls your resolution and screen size ( even supports auto full screen) and prevents more than 1 video playing at a time
    2. Feedly: I use it to subscribe to channels and playlists and hence keep track of watched and new unwatched stuff
    3. Speed Contoller: Control playback speed with keyboard keys with this amazing extension
  2. Don’t watch hour long videos: In fact if anything is bigger than TED videos ie > 20 min, i blindly ignore it, or put it in my youtube watch later list
  3. Watch with a purpose. This way if in a 5 min video, u don’t see your purpose being met, close it immediately and move on
  4. Don’t watch the same things again: Most online videos talk about around the latest news/finding, so if you’ve see 1 video about that topic on one channel, you can skip the same topic on other channels, as 90% of the stuff will always be the same across all videos on that topic
  5. Don’t watch obvious stuff: Most video channels, eg. Science based channels, don’t assume that you have a higher education in science. They just go by the fact that you’re interested in science ( coz you’re watching this video). So they talk about basic stuff, which is almost always obvious to me, being an electronics engineer. Hence I now skip such videos.
  6. Before you watch any video, do this:
    1. Read the title
    2. Recollect all you know about the title in your min for 10 sec
    3. Note down all your open Qs on the title in your mind
    4. Play the video and skim over the parts u know, as your purpose of watching is new info and to find answers to the open Qs you have
    5. If the video doesn’t answer your open Qs, google them immediately

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