Rant on living with other people

I have never been a fan of sharing my living space with other people. When I first moved out of my home, I had no option but to share. But after 18 months, I was done and moved to a small independent apartment.

But, as fate would have it, I soon was sharing the space with someone, but this time around, I liked the person and so things were fine…

This went on for about 6 years, and I switched 2 apartments in that time, but continued to share.

Here goes the rant..

I have picked up the slack most of the time, but eventually gave up for the last couple of years and was content with living like a pig, coz i was just sick of doing all the work…

But now that i have moved to another place, couple of days back, I really want to live well, and clean and stuff. And i am happy to keep things clean and organized from my end. But at the same time I am putting my foot down to doing all the work.

This has expectedly met with resistance from my flatmate, who’s happy to continue staying like a pig. This makes me wonder if I did the wrong thing picking up the slack all these years.

But I can’t go back and change things and so I have to stand my ground…

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