Replacing the crap that is Authenticator App with AUTHY

The Google Authenticator App has burned me a couple of times now. Every time I restore/format my Android phone, i’m unable to login to Google and WordPress accounts coz it doesn’t backup the codes…

Finally today I found Authy, which does the same thing but had backup and also a chrome extension, so i’ve installed it on my laptop as well…



Disable 2 step authentication of without authenticator app

I created above post on the forum after 1 hr of unsuccessfully trying to login to my account after formatting android phone and loosing the authenticator app in the process.

I had no backup codes and the verify be SMS feature was not working either….

I was already logged in to wordpress at this point, but then also to disable 2 step auth u need the authenticator app, so the worry was how I would be able to login once the cookies expire and i’m expected to enter authenticator code again.

The After trolling forums for an hr I decided to try to disable 2 step auth from the wordpress windows app that i had recently installed on my win 10 laptop. Thankfully there i was able to generate backup codes and then used that to disable 2 step auth.