Game of Thrones Recap




  • S1
    • Robert Baratheon rules the continent of Westeros from King’s Landing
      • sits on iron throne
      • there are 7 kingdoms in  Westeros
      • married to cersi lannister as political move to have peace with Lannisters
      • Has 3 kids that are actually not his
    • Robert asks Ned Stark, lord of Winterfell Kingdom in the North to help him rule by summoning him
      • Stark son, Bran discovers that Cersi Lannistor is actually in love with her brother Jamie and he’s the real father of the 3 Batatheon kids
      •  John Snow is Ned’s bastard son
    • Targarians live across the Narrow sea in Pentos, in exile since they dethroned and ousted from power in the last war by Robert Baratheon
      • The Mad King was killed in war and only his children, Viserys and Daenerys survive
      • Viserys offers his sister to tribe Dorthraki (lead by Drogo) for power
    • .Night’s watch guard the northern border of the country from the wildlings  and white walkers beyond
    • Joffrey Baratheon is to wed Sansa Stark, but when Ned learns that Joffrey is not really son of Baratheon, he confronts Cerci Lannister
    • Cerci kills husband Robert and blames Ned. Ned confesses to protect his daughter Sansa and believing that Joffrey would spare him, but instead Joffrey gets his head off
    • When news reaches Rob Stark in North, he rallies army to avenge Ned’s murder and kill all Lannisters
    • Tywin Lannister is the king of Lannisters whose children are twins Cerci and Jamie and dwarf Tyrion
      • When Jamie is imprisoned in King’s Landing, Tywin sends Tyrion across the Narrow Sea to rescue his brother.
  • S2
    • Stannis Baratheon, brother of late king Robert, is across the Blackwater bay from Kings Landing, at Dragonstone, and also believes the throne should be rightfully his as he knows that Baratheon children are Lannister bastards
      • So he sends ravens out to all 7 kingdoms with this secret and also enlists red priestess to help him gain the throne with her magical powers
      • His younger brother Renly Baratheon also wants the throne, so Stannis gets the priestess to kill renly using her dark magic
      • Ranis’s widow, Marjorie Tyrell who also wants to be the Queen of King’s Landing
    • Derenis Targarian is marching west towards the Narrow Sea to regain King’s Landing, but is captured by Qarth Ruler. Her Dragons help her kill their king and free her
    • Meanwhile, in North, the Wildling army has united and is ready to cross the wall
    • Stannis Batatheon attacks Joffrey’s army at Blackwater Bay, and Tyrian Lannister bravely leads the defense of the city. Also, his dad, Tywin Lannister also sends massive army (with his ally Tyrell’s troops as well) to protect King’s Landing
  • S3
    • Deneris heads to Slavers Bay to buy the Unsullied army to mount attack on King’s Landing
    • Joffrey ditches Sansa and weds Marjorie Tyrell as Tyrells had helped defend the capital against Baratheon attack.
    • Elenonr Tyrell, Grandma of Marjorie is the patriarch of family
    • Brian is taking Jamie Lannistor North as prisoner. Jamie manages to free himself and get his hand chopped off, but then instead of returning to King’s landing, he turns good and protects Brian
    • Bolton Family
      • Serve the Baratheons
      • They’re also scheming to take the throne in the North from the Starks
      • Ramsay Bolton keeps Theon Greyjoy as slave after taking him prisoner while sacking winterfell after Ned’s demise
    • Hound, a disgraced knight is taking Arya stark North to return her to Starks for money. He’s heard that Arya’s mother and brother are attending wedding at The Twins, a place below Winterfell and so decides to take her there
    • “The Twins” is a strategic river crossing controlled by FRAY FAMILY and Starks need them on their side for the war effort.
      • After failing to marry one of Walder Fray’s daughter, Rob Stark instead offers Rob’s uncle to make ammends are are here for that wedding
      • Frays kill all Starks and are backed by Lannisters in this act
      • So now only Arya and Bran Stark remain
  • S4
    • Starts with Jofrey Lanniester wedding Marjorie Tyrell.
    • Oberin Martell from the Martell kingdom is invited. They too secretly want to take the Lannisters down.
    • Tyrells poison and kill Joffrey at the wedding, but blame Tyrian Lannister, his dwarf uncle
    • In this death chaos, Sansa manages to flee East to The Eyrie to take refuge with her Aunt Lysa. Her escape is masterminded by Littlefinger. Littlefinger is Lysa’s husband, but kills Lysa in front of Sansa after returning to Eyrie having rescued Sansa. Sansa then sided with Littlefinger and told the law that Lysa committed suicide
    • Meanwhile across the Narrow Sea, Deneris’s dragons have grown up and don’t obey her anymore and so she chains them
    • Bran stark is North of the Wall and has gained power of Mind Control known as Walking
    • Finally Wildlings attack the Castle Black on the North Wall, but Stannis Barathian’s army helps the night watch defend the Castle and the wall
  • S5
    • Tyrion Lannistor is put on trial for Joffrey’s murder but his chooses trial by combat, and has Oberin Martell fight on his behalf
    • Oberin is defeated and so Tyrion is sentenced to death, but is freed by brother Jamie at last moment, but before fleeing, Tyrion kills his father Tywin
    • He then crosses the Narrow Sea and takes refuge in Pentos. There he’s captured and delivered to Derenis Targarian, who instead of killing him to take revenge of her farther’s murder, hires him as her advisor
    • Back in King’s landing jeffory’s brother, Tommen Baratheon is the new king and so ofcourse Marjorie marries him
    • Up North, Stannis tries to enlist John Snow to help John rightly regain Winterfell and avenge his father’s death, but John says his rightful place is being commander of night’s watch and so declines.
    • Stannies continues to winterfell anyways but his soldiers mutiny (after his red priestess makes him burn his daughter as sacrifice to lord of light to ensure victory at winterfell)
    • Boltons currently rule over winterfell who have solidified their position in North by tactical marriage of Ramsy Bolton to Sansa Stark
    • This is actually a strategy of Littlefinger to get Sansa into Bolton family and then take them down from within. But after marriage Sansa tries to escape the Boltons, and is caught by Guards. Theon Greyjoy then helps free her from guards.
    • Stannis though weakened by mutiny in his army fights the Bolton army at winterfell and is defeated and killed.
    • Up at the Wall, John Snow recruits the Wildlings to fight the White Walkers. White Walkers attack the wall with their Zombie Army in the first wave, which John Snow defeats. He then fights the white walker and finds that his sword of Valarian steel can kill them. He then fights their leader the Night King, who then shows his power to raise the all dead in the battlefield and recruit them to fight for him.
    • Deneris in the East faces a rebellion by the people who want to bring back slavery. But her dragon saves her at last moment and she rides her dragon son Dorgon and flies away
    • Arya Stark meanwhile goes to Bravos ( at northern tip across the Narrow Sea in Essos Continent) and becomes an assasin. She then kills one of the people responsible for the Wedding that killed her family and so her master then takes her eyes away.
    • In King’s landing Cerci and Marjorie are fighting to control the king, and Cerci empowers religious fanatics to topple marjorie, but to do so she had to give religion power over royalty and so they come after her next.They make her do the walk of attonement to attone for her infedelities in the past.
    • Finally the night’s watch, angered by John’s peace deal with the wildlings, kill him

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