Dark (Colored) Web

Turn all websites you surf into Dark:


If you’re using Stylish Chrome Extension to manage User Styles, then you can easily add exceptions to the black style above using RegEx, for eg:¬†^(?!https?://(www.)?(feedly.com|wunderlist.com|ideas(.).com|play.spotify.com).).*$

This will exclude feedly.com and all urls starting with ideas

How to help starving people

Remember when your mother used to say, “don’t waste food coz people are starving in the world”. Think about it…how are you helping starving people by not wasting food on your plate? There’s no connection whatsoever…The only way to help starving people is to waste more food coz where do they find food to eat..right dumpsters…so wrap all your food and throw it in the bin, coz people are starving out there…

Just be Entertained

There is no way for a person to find out the Truth about things…If there are a 100 articles on one side of the argument (btw there aren’t 100 articles about anything for even the tiniest of things like say an ant will have half a billion search results) there are 1000 for the other.

So, the only thing to do at this point is to be entertained by it all…The world is much funnier if you think you’re ancient alien spawns brought from Niburu to mine gold or that all the elites are lizard people or if you join Scientology…