Global dark style – changes everything to DARK


Now you can also exclude websites! Just edit the style and replace/add ‘’ with your desired ones.


Here’re my changes to exclude selected sites:



Also, I’ve made below changes:


In Code 2, remember to remove the URL (base 64) so as to get plain black background: /***** FOR A SIMPLE BLACK BACKGROUND JUST REMOVE THE URL LINE ABOVE *****/

Also remember to change to scrollbar css if you’re using some extension..i’m using “thin scrollbar” from and here’re my changes :

::-webkit-scrollbar-track-piece {
background-color: #1a1a1a !important;
border-radius: 3px;


12 Ideas in “From Bacteria to Bach”

1.Darwin’s strange inversion of reasoning
2.Reasons without reasoners
3.Competence without comprehension
4.Turing’s strange inversion of reasoning
5.Information as design worth stealing
6.Darwinism about Darwinism
7.Feral neurons
8.Words striving to reproduce
9.The evolution of the evolution of culture
10.Hume’s strange inversion of reasoning
11.Consciousness as a user-illusion
12.The age of post-intelligent design

The greatest discovery

The greatest discovery was the discovery of ignorance. Until people and cultures realized that there are things they don’t know, they were complacent and didn’t accomplish anything…

People believed that all their answers are in the scriptures and so found no reason to venture out or inquire…but with the advent of the scientific age, people realized they know nothing and that’s the birth of modern world