A boy and A Zen master

On his sixteenth birthday the boy gets a horse as a present. All of the people in the village say, “Oh, how wonderful!”

The Zen master says, “We’ll see.”

One day, the boy is riding and gets thrown off the horse and hurts his leg. He’s no longer able to walk, so all of the villagers say, “How terrible!”

The Zen master says, “We’ll see.”

Some time passes and the village goes to war. All of the other young men get sent off to fight, but this boy can’t fight because his leg is messed up. All of the villagers say, “How wonderful!”

The Zen master says, “We’ll see.”

We’re very quick to jump to conclusions about whether something is “good” or “bad.” The reality is that most things really aren’t either. They just are. They exist.


ref: http://www.derekbobo.com/blog/post/28-the-zen-master


Waiting for the neuralink

Over last 5+ yrs, I’ve skimmed over my feedly headlines, saving interesting stuff to read later, but I’ve never been able to read full articles of anything ever…

I must have collected over a 100K URLs in my blog and in github over the yrs, but I know for a fact that i’ll never be able to go back to them ever…

I’m barely able to keep up with the headlines, so I don’t even dare to read a full article.

My only hope is a neuralink to be able to upload all that stuff directly into my brain….

Police Verification Form rent mumbai

POLICE_VERIFICATION_FORM_BlankPolice Verification Form rent mumbaiPolice Verification Form rent mumbai

Download official form here: https://mumbaipolice.maharashtra.gov.in/downloads/FormforRentalHouse.pdf



It has been learnt that tenants and landlords seeking verification will no longer have to visit a police station. Instead, any of them can collect a form available at the nearest police station, fill in the required details and submit it personally or send it by speed post or courier.

However, the tenant or landlord will have to furnish the receipt for the mail he/she has sent whenever asked by the police.