ERegistration of Flat online

  • visit:
  • process
  • prereq:
  • Hardware:
    1) Biometric Device (Thumb Scanner) 2) Webcam 3) Internet explorer 9 & above
    1) All parties to the document and their identifiers cum witnesses should have Aadhaar Number.
    2) Stamp Duty and Registration Fee should be paid online through GRAS (



  • Use the TokenID and password to download from ->
  • Use Document ID to download from
    • Use the paid service option and pay rs 100 to download
    • Using Free service you can only see the doc and not download it
    • refer:
    • Customer Care: 8888007777

Group Games

  • story game
    • The first person starts a story and after a sentence or two, points at anyone else in the group, who has to continue the story maintaining the grammatical and logical accuracy. Also, no hesistations are allowed.
    • Anyone who points out hesistation or duplication or grammatical errors gets a point like in JAM
    • Person with highest points wins after 2-5 min round…
  • JAM
    • Similar to above, but can speak anything and not have to maintain flow in story
    • Also, round duration is 1 minute coz it’s Just A Minute.