rememberthemilk (RTM) app tips

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Spent embarrassing amount of time customizing the RTM web app, which i’m using as my new task manager. Here are some tips:

  • This getting started guide is great:
  • Instead of adding dates and tags etc. to existing tasks manually, you can drag the task to preset date filters in sidebar or tag labels and add them that way easily.
  • Some of the important features like notifications and reminders on mobile and location based reminders are all pro features…
  • Their blog publishes tips and updates frequently:
  • At times the tasks don’t sync instantly between different machines. In such cases refreshing the app is the easiest option
  • Try the desktop app but I prefer web app as desktop one uses electron which is basically a web browser running the web app as native.
  • To enable desktop notifications, go in the app settings and enable it for desktop. The when the web app is open, chrome notifications should show up.
  • On Web, make sure the app is allows to show notifications using app:
    • Capture.JPG
  • You can subscribe to RSS feed of tasks as well
  • Prefer Tags over Lists. They are actually the same under the covers. As a rule always use one of these. Never Mix them. I always use Tags coz:
    • Multiple Tags can be added to a item allowing for deep hierarchies like if a item needs to be identified as belonging to X project and X2 sub-project, you can add both X and X2 tags to it.
    • Moreover, tags show up as pills on the item allowing easy visual identification
  • Smart Lists are best coz they allow mixing multiple attributes Eg. tag = “home” AND due = “today” for “Home Today” Smart List.
  • Moreover, when you add tasks in context of a smart list. the new task automatically has the attributes of the smart list set. Eg. If you add new task to the “Home Today” smart list described above, the new task will have  tag = “home” AND due = “today” attributes set on it automatically.
  • Add smart lists that you want to pin to top as your “Favourites”
  • As a rule, every scenario that can be described by a single attribute should be a “Tag” while multiple attributes should come together to form a “Smart List”
  • Use this to Hide rememberthemilk app logos
  • Use “location” for things like home/office instead of custom tags. This way you can use location reminders as well.
  • Use smart add features like @ for location and # for tag/list selection for quick add
  • when adding, time is interpreted automatically. So is date. Eg. “buy eggs at 4pm on fri” interprets 4pm and friday both.
  • Subtasks are pro feature so use Notes instead for the same thing
  • There are hidden smart list queries that aren’t exposed in friendly view Eg. “now” can be used as a dynamic value of any date attribute.
  • There’s a hidden “Undo Last Action” in the “…” menu that can be used repeatedly to undo past actions. Worst case, you can go to completed or deleted task list and sort by time to see recent mistakes and correct ’em.
  • For saving references/info which aren’t toDo items, the trick I use is to firstly create a tag for it called “info”. Then when I have to add a info item, I click on the smart list for it and then add it. This way the new task gets auto tagged as “info”. The hack is actually that I use the “No Due Date” to catch orphan tasks. But in that smart list, i’ve added filter to exclude items having “info” tag. This way they slip under that radar.
  • Use shift+? to see all possible shortcuts
  • You can enable sms notifications as well
  • Setup everything for minimal effort. For instance I had this smart list for “Home Today” and another for “Office Today” which was perfect coz I classify my tasks as home or office ones. I used to happily add location tag to every task. But then I realized that this would work out even if I change the “Home Today” query to all tasks NOT having “office” location tag. This way I’ll have to add location tag to only half the tasks going fwd. Awesome.
  • If you’re not sure what list/context you’re on, always goto All Tasks before adding new task. Else it’ll add the new task with the attributes of that list/tag. GA is shortcut for Going to “All Tasks” and T for adding new task. Infact you can type “gat” as if typing out a word.
  • When to create a tag?
    • Never do it upfront. Instead, if you find yourself repeating and searching same keyword over and over, then it makes sense to have it in a tag.
    • For instance I was writing buy this and buy that…and then searching for “buy” to figure out stuff to shop for. But then when I created “buy” tag and now I just say #buy when creating the same buy tasks and instead of searching, just click on buy tag label to find shopping list
  • Create recurring tasks to enforce  habits like:
    • read a new book every week
    • listen to one new artist everyday
    • do an online course every month etc.
  • For every section, you can choose to show only items with non zero tasks, to save clutter:
    • Capture.JPG
    • Setup smart lists for everything u want
    • favourite the smart lists that you use all the time. I maintain 3 daily task lists for 3 places i’m at at any time, home, office or outside. The 2 other favs I have are “Overdue” and “No Due Date” lists to identify orphan tasks and give them dates ASAP. These 2 lists disappear automatically coz I have selected “Show with incomplete” option shown in screenshot above, for my Favourites Group.
    • All other lists are in “Smart List” section where Show All Option is selected.
  • You can quickly “postpone” tasks by simple shortcut “P”
  • recursive tasks are easy to set as well. There are two kinds of repeating tasks in RTM, repeat every and repeat after.
    • Note that even if you postpone a instance of a recurring task, the next one is auto created for the original date and is unaffected by the fact the the previous instance was postponed
    • Also, when you change the date of a recurring task to date-time, all recurring tasks are created with the new date-time instead of old date.
    • Add Task: t
    • Smart Add:
      • Smart Add
        Start Date
        Due Date
        Give to
    • Find List:
      • gm: go to list
    • List View Actions:
      • J to get context to first item in list
      • J or K to move down and up the list.
      • I to select currently highlighted task
        • C to Complete
        • D to change it’s date
        • ShiftP to postpone by 1 day
        • Y to add note
        • L for location
        • S for tagS
      • H to switch Complete/Inc lists
  • Here’s how my sidebar looks like:
    • Capture.JPG

Autohotkey Script to share google photos album

Trigger this script after writing the album name:

Screenshot (13893).png

SetKeyDelay -1
Send +{Tab 5} 
Send {Enter} ;  to click the checkmark to save album
Send +{Tab 1}
Send {Enter} ;  to open the menu with album actions
Sleep, 2000
Send {Down 5} 
Send {Enter} ; to select the share album action
Sleep, 1000
Send {Tab}
Send {Space} ; to enable sharing
Sleep, 6000
Send {Tab 4} 
Send {Enter} ; to copy the album's shared link to clipboard

Project and Task Apps

    • minimalist
    • alexa integration – not working
    • google assistant integrations – works
    • free zapier integrations
    • unable to see completed items
    • app has amazing calendar view
    • many integrations
    • good extension
    • for power users
    • allows gmail management as well
    • for project management
    • bad android app
    • smart add feature is best
    • Google Cal Integration:
    • SubTasks feature is paid
    • I used RTM for a while until I realized I needed completed tasks access and it doesn’t show that for free users…this was a deal breaker
    • SubTasks feature is free
    • Most good features are premium/paid
  • microsoft planner
    • decent for planning work for a project with mulitple people
    • needs office 365 account – paid
    • doesn’t have reminders
  •  habitica
    • free
    • gamify your tasks
  • todo.txt
    • command line task manager
  • trello
  • toodledo
  • producteev

Watch blocked youtube videos

The easiest way to do this, if you’re watching a bunch of blocked videos is to use a proxy (like this one), but if its just a few, this is easiest:


  • Save the URL as custom search engine in browser like so: Capture.JPG
  • Now, to search any video, just open new tab and type e followed by space and paste the video ID o3ATf6fYyCg