Speed Reading Tips

Perceptual Expansion: Keep the ereader width to 4-6 words and focus on the center of the sentence. you can still perceive and register the 3 words on either side and hence comprehend the sentence in single shot. While reading, your eyes move jerkily, stopping on some words and skipping others. You can only read while your eyes are stopped. If you learn to make fewer movements per line, you’ll read a lot faster. Your brain normally decides where to move your eyes based on how long or familiar the next words look. You can read faster if you train your eyes to move to specific places on the page instead.

Maintain Speed: Don’t reduce the speed for the sake of comprehension. Maintain the speed and comprehension will improve over time automatically. train your reflexes first, then practice until your brain can catch up.

Use Trackers and Pacers: Use the pen/mouse as tracer for your eyes to know where to look at. This will not only serve as a tracker, but it will also serve as a pacer for maintaining consistent speed and decreasing fixation duration. In case of 6 word sentences, which is ideal, the tracer will move down the page and not across. This is coz the whole sentence is to be perceived in one shot with eye looking at the center of the sentence.

Control Page Height: Make sure the page height is such that you don’t have to move your head ever. You should be able to cover it with your eye movement.My ideal page height is 30 lines long at 14 pt Segoe UI font which takes 750px in 1080p monitor.

Comprehend the text directly: Don’t read aloud. Neither read with your inside voice. Read with your mind, not voice. Comprehend the text off of the page without converting it to sound first and then comprehending the sound.

Calibre Ebook Reader Tips

  • Fonts
    • Serif  and Sans Family:
      • BEST: Segoe UI
      • Alternate: Calibri
      • Alternate: Verdana
    • Standard Font: Sans Serif
    • Font Size: 15 or 16px
      • PS: Make sure there is no Magnification
  • Color
    •  Background: #fafafa OR #f5f5f5
    • Text: #111111
  • No Dark Theme by default, but themes are supported eg.
  • Right click on book to show/hide controls OR use the shortcut: Ctrl + F11
  • Control+Scroll: Change Magnification. NOTE: Don’t use this. Change the font size instead
  • Calibre Preferences ->
    • Look and Feel -> Icon Size -> Small
    • Searching -> Search as you type
    • Plugins -> Get New Plugins
    • Shortcuts – Create your own
  • Override default Highlight Color: ::selection {
    background-color: #e0e0e0;
    color: #111111;
  • Override default margins:
    • Top and bottom: 10px
    • Sides: 10px

Read More: http://blog.calibre-ebook.com/

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