Google Assistant on Android TV

  • Some commands that worked for me
    • Open Netflix
    • Play Modern Family on Plex
    • Play Stranger Things on Netflix
    • Play Daredevil
      • It shows apps where daredevil is available like Netflix
    • Open my singapore pictures
    • Play a song
    • Open settings
    • Search cooking videos on youtube
    • Dim the lights
      • Dim the lights in the living room
    • Turn down the temperature
    • Turn volume up
    • Screen Off
    • Turn TV off
    • Play some music
      • Plays on youtube by default
      • Mention app name to change
    • what’s on my agenda for today
    • You can control TV via assistant on phone as well. Just say “on TV” in query
      • Open Netflix on TV
    • Duo call Mom
    • Add Sugar to my shopping list
    • Show my shopping list
  • ref

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