Alexa/Echo Tips

  • 5 Tips
    • Echo Skills Blueprint
      • Use it to make custom quiz, message etc.
    • Brief mode
      • Shorter replies
    • Follow up mode
      • Ask follow up Qs without using wake word
    • Change wake word to Echo
  • Apps
    • Amazon Alexa
      • Manage Lists
      • See Reminders and Alarms
      • Create Routines
      • Control what’s playing and what’s next in music
      • Explore what’s new
      • See your historical conversations with alexa and past activity
      • Change echo alarm and other sounds
    • Tips and Tricks for Amazon Echo
  • Play Games and Trivia
  • Create Voice Profiles
  • Skill Integrations
    • Gaana
    • Skype
    • Saavn
    • Google Cal
  • Link Devices
    • Control FireStick with Echo
      • Play prime video content directly eg. Alexa play Transparent
      • Open Apps on FireStick
  • Home Stereo Setup or Headphone Connect with Aux out
  • Use as bluetooth headphones
    • Say “Alexa Pair”
  • Connect bluetooth headset to echo
  • Change wake word to amazon or echo
  • Multi Language Setup
  • Flash Breifing
    • Default is NDTV

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Who to trust in “Post Truth” World



  • Fact is not data…a single story is meaningless and misleading unless it’s backed up by lots data… Actually even that’s not enough… Data is just a collection of facts…
  • Evidence is data that supports a theory and rules out others… So the best way to test any theory is to try to disprove it, to play devil’s advocate…
  • Confirmation bias is not only failing to search for new data, but also misinterpreting data when you receive it
  • A story is not a  fact…fact is not data…. data is not evidence.
  • the  mark of an  educated man is the ability to entertain a  thought without accepting it.
  • Listen with the intent to understand, not to reply
  • A dissenting viewpoint is something to learn from, not to argue against.