Lessons in setting up Google Home Mini

  • Once it’s setup with a particular WiFi network, that network cannot be changed. If you “Forget Network” in Device settings from Google Home App, you’ll have to “Forget Device” as well and set it up again from scratch
  • To use as bluetooth speaker, you will first have to setup the device fully and then in Device settings from Google Home App, enable bluetooth pairing, and then pair it with multiple devices. Once this is done, even if device is not setup anymore or wifi is off, you can always use it as bluetooth speaker just by turning it on
  • You can connect it with usb cable from you laptop etc. too. No need to use the AC adaptor that the device comes with.
  • To set it up using mobile hotspot, you’ll need 2 mobile phones. Then, to use device with mobile 1, use mobile 2 to setup the device. This is needed coz during setup, mobile 2 ie m2 will connect to wifi hotspot of the device for which you’ll need to have wifi of m2 on and hence portable hotspot of m2 needs to be off. Hence, while setup, when it asks to connect to wifi, turn on hotspot on m1 and connect to it. Then going forward, the device will always connect to hotspot of m1 automatically and m2 will not be needed. Just make sure you’re logged in to m2 with your google account when setting up device.
  • You can add more people to your “home” by going to google home app and click “add” and then “Invite home member”. They will then be able to personalize the mini to their voice and get answers related to them using their unique voice model.
  • I’ve created a new “home” for a device in another location. This way I can control access of home members by location as well.
  • Once the google home device is setup, when you restart it anytime, it’ll reconnect to the wifi network it was setup with automatically.
  • Talk to google home in hindi: https://www.hindustantimes.com/tech/you-can-now-talk-to-google-home-in-hindi-here-s-how/story-wv9hK1dJaF23B6qcRgWulN.html
  • Set routines for repeated actions.

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