Noise Shot X5 Tips

Earpods connectivity

I had read about NFMI being used to transmit sound from primary earpod (which receives it from the transmitting device over bluetooth) to the secondary one as bluetooth cannot be used for inter pod connection due to the presence of head as the barrier. Most youtube videosĀ  and articles ( AND on audio lag/latency with earpods ie true wireless headphones is due to this additional transmission of sound between earpods.

But just now I spoke to the tech support of Noise, and he confirmed that the phone transmits the audio to both earpods separately and what I read above wasn’t true. After this I did a simple test by having 3 walls b/w the 2 earpods, and phone in between. The pods were still separately playing music confirming that the pods were either receiving audio from phone or from NFMI ruling out bluetooth for inter pod communication.

PS: Did another quick experiment and here are the results:

  • When the right pod is in range, but the left pod is out of range of my phone(transmitter), I confirmed that the right pod sends audio to the left one
  • When the left pod is in range, but the right one isn’t:
    • the left one isn’t capable of sending music to the right pod
    • the mobile still sends music to the left pod directly so it still keeps playing

Conclusion: Phone can transmit music independently to both left and right pods, and it does that when one of them is not in range…but i’m not sure if it does that when both pods are in range and i’m not sure how to test that scenario.