Moving to Google Keep for all Task Management

I’ve tried to use keep in  the past as well but faced the following problems with it:

  • Keep reminders didn’t sync with google cal reminders
  • Keep web app hogged a lot of memory (over 500 MB)

But in the recent update these issues have been resolved, so I’m moving away from Google Calendar and reminders to Google Keep due to these advantages:

  • Keep has labels ( I wish it had other things like priority etc. which RememberTheMilk does, but labels are fine for now)
  • Keep can set recurring reminders
  • Keep tasks are really items and not tasks, so even if you mark them as done, the item stays in the list until you manually archive it. This would be helpful as I need to review which all items have been done in the past for a specific project (label)
  • Keep reminders show up in google cal as well, so I can get a day view/ cal view of upcoming tasks.

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