fake money for games printable pdf

Best PDF:

Custom: https://www.rewardcharts4kids.com/printable-play-money/

TEMPLATES: https://www.template.net/design-templates/print/play-money-template/

Alternate: https://www.printableplaymoney.net/






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Guitar Tips

  • Strumming Pattern
    • 5  basic patterns
    • Upstroke may not pick all 6 strings…the top 4 or 5 will do
  • Holding
    • Preferably hold right handed
    • Palm on top of bridge
    • hold down with tips of fingers so that they arch
    • pad of thumb on back
    • Hold the pick pointing parallel to index finger and perpendicular to thumb
    • When you fret, be right behind the actual fret and not over it
    • hold the guitar vertical and not tilting. To look at your hands, look over the guitar
    • strum with wrist and not elbow
  • Playing Chords
    • Hold down with arch of finger with just enough pressure to get the right sound and not too hard.
    • D chord
  • Tuning
    • Tune the guitar before every play
    • App:
      • Guitar Tuna
        • Too Low indication means turn anticlockwise and vice versa
    • Instructions
      • Anticlockwise: Increases pitch (Typical use case)
      • Clockwise: Decreases pitch
      • Always start tuning anticlockwise if app shows it as out of pitch
  • Chord Chart
  • Reading the chord chart
    • Before strumming, pick each string individually to make sure it sounds right and not coarse.
    • The Top thick E string is referred to as bottom string.
    • Chord Diagram resembles the neck of the guitar with:
      • Nut at the top
      • X axis represents Strings in order: E A D G B Em
      • Y axis represents Frets
      • Numbers represent Fingers:
        • 1: Index
        • 2: Middle
        • 3: Ring
        • 4: Pinky
      • Playing
        • X: Don’t play that string
        • O: Open String ie Let the string ring, when stringing, without any fingers on any fret for that string
  • Scale Map
    • A scale is played single notes  ie one note (ie one string) at a time. Whereas a chord is strung one chord at a time.
    • Hence in scale map there’s no need to cross out open strings which aren’t being played
  • Memorizing Chords
    • Mental snapshot
      • See how the had looks when holding down for the chord
    • Feel
      • Feel the widths of different strings to be able to identify with feeling alone
    • Repetition for Muscle memory
      • Repeat same chord multiple times
    • Target Finger
      • For open chords like Amaj, identify one finger position (closest to fret) and build the chord from there on. Eg. target ie start with Pinkie on 2nd fret for Amaj and then other fingers will fall in place.
    • Leverage Fret visiblity
      • You won’t be able to see the strings while playing but you can see the fret from the top. Use that to identify which fret to put the target finger at.
      • Next feel the fret with finger and place it right next to it on the right string (identified using string width)
  • Transition Tips
    • Practice movement of each finger individually when transitioning from one chord to another
    • Use open string (Ehigh or B) or stringing pause to transition between chords
  • Playing Songs
    • Start with one chord songs
    • Move to 2 chord songs
  • Beats and Bars
    • 4 beats in a bar

Badminton Tips

Ref: https://www.youtube.com/user/betterbadminton/videos?sort=p&flow=grid&view=0&pbjreload=10

RULES; https://www.masterbadminton.com/badminton-fouls.html


  • Keep body’s center of gravity low
  • Movement
    • Always keep moving. Keep the energy flowing. If you stop, then it takes much more effort to start moving again.
    • Don’t pause after hitting your shot until the opponent hits back.
    • Predict the return and take position to hit it.
  • Position
  • backhand shot:
    • keep the thumb on the side of the racket (pan handle position)  to stabilize the grip as you take the shot
    • Keep your arm lose.
    • Generate power from back swing, leading with the elbow and Whip it back after the shot (as opposed to following through in front hand)
    • Keep the grip lose as you swing and tighten it just before you contact the shuttle
    • Maximize backhand shot power using the WAVE pattern
  • Footwork
    • Foot Movement
      • Do prep jump to generate energy before moving to take the shot. This is like loading the spring.
      • Take the first step towards the shuttle with the non racket leg and then the second step with the racket leg. Don’t take any more steps. Just stretch the arm to take the shot now.
    • Front
    • Doubles 
      • For doubles, after serving, move to the front and then anticipate the return and take that position in the front.
  • Net
    • Imagine the net to be higher that it really is. In that case even if you hit slightly below, it’ll cross the real net safely.
  • Racket
    • Be the racket and not the body. Let the racket lead the body.
    • Keep the racket out in front of your body, not close to it.
    • Lead with the racket. Let the racket pull your body to the bird like a puppy pulls you via the leash when walking it.
    • After hitting the shot, Don’t drop the racket. keep it out and front for the next shot.
    • Capture.PNG
  • Smash
    • Power smash
      • Do a strong push ie spring load to generate momentum off the ground
      • Your position wrt the bird bfr hitting the power smash should be such that if you didn’t hit it, it lands on your non racket leg’s foot.
      • Use the non racket arm to track the bird. This makes sure you’re in right position ie lined up to take the smash shot.
    • Jump Smash
      • 2 leg
        • Hit the bird on the way down, to get power and to be able to come back to position for the next shot
        • If you hit in ascent, you’ll not have enough time to recover.
        • Jump from behind the shuttle towards it, don’t jump straight up


  • Body shots
    • Around the waist
      • For shots coming at your waist, the way to hit is to move your waist towards your racket arm and take your racket arm back and hit around the waist
      • .Capture.PNG
    • Between the legs
      • Capture.PNG
    • Serve
    • Deception Shot
    • Holding Racket
    • Visualizing
      • Even when not playing for real, visualize scenarios and plays in your mind.
      • First visualize yourself playing and then again visualize the same scenario as if you’re watching yourself play. This will help you point out your mistakes and improve.
    • Defend a Smash
      • Steps:
        • Preparation
          • Stand mid court in ready low position (bent knee and head at net level) with racket out in front of you
        • Shot
          • Follow the opponent’s smash
          • Move the racket to the right position
          • Push the bird forward and straight perpendicular to the net
          • If smash is on body, use backhand to hit
        • Recovery
    • Where to look
      • Look straight and up and not sideways when hitting any shot.
      • This way you’ll see the opponent’s court and be able to place the shot correctly in the gap.

Use single click to open feedly items in background tab

Using Autohotkey, setup a shortcut for permanently having control pressed using +1:: Send {CONTROL down}

Now, when you press shift+1, control will become pressed. So clicking items in feedly list will be equivalent to Control+Click. This is chrome’s “open in background tab” command.

Finally, if you use space bar to scroll the list, that won’t work, so add this script for that: ^Space:: Send {Space}

lastly, when you go out of feedly context, press the Control key to reset the control being pressed down indefinitely.