Autohotkey Script to share google photos album

Trigger this script after writing the album name:

Screenshot (13893).png

SetKeyDelay -1
Send +{Tab 5} 
Send {Enter} ;  to click the checkmark to save album
Send +{Tab 1}
Send {Enter} ;  to open the menu with album actions
Sleep, 2000
Send {Down 5} 
Send {Enter} ; to select the share album action
Sleep, 1000
Send {Tab}
Send {Space} ; to enable sharing
Sleep, 6000
Send {Tab 4} 
Send {Enter} ; to copy the album's shared link to clipboard


Watch blocked youtube videos

The easiest way to do this, if you’re watching a bunch of blocked videos is to use a proxy (like this one), but if its just a few, this is easiest:


  • Save the URL as custom search engine in browser like so: Capture.JPG
  • Now, to search any video, just open new tab and type e followed by space and paste the video ID o3ATf6fYyCg

Quotes, the quickest way to understand Ideology

All communication is an act of sharing ideology. But how do you understand the ideologies of people who you cannot talk to?

Whenever I come across a new name, I quickly google them and thankfully, the first thing that Google shows is Quotes by the person. These quotes are condensed shots of the person’s ideology, giving me instant idea of what the person was like.