Google Impact Challenge 2013

  1. Pratham Books
    1. No tech team presently
  2. Jaanagraha 11111111
    1. Chk out: Code for India
  3. Agastya 11111111111
  4. Digital Green 111111
    1. AWESOME
  5. Chaintan
    1. Create a Mobile Game
    2. Waste Pickers
  6. Prayas
    1. App in Pilot
  7. Social Awareness 1111111
    1. Biogas
    2. No IT
  8. Go To School
    1. 21 Digital Games, IITians
  9. Shelter Associates
    1. App for locating Sanitation
    2. No IT
  10. Breakthrough



3G Research

3G Research

Currently I am using idea, and on talking to the customer care (198…1..4..) I was told that 3G services of IDEA are not available as per court order.

The 2G prepaid plans are many, but I’ve subscribed for the unlimited 199 plan.




Dark Wallpapers Collection

I have always been on the lookout for Dark (read Black) Abstract wallpapers for my Desktop Wallpaper, which have subtle patterns but do not contain any distracting objects…

Here are a few that I like:






Home (dwnld and share)



Dark, but with objects






Also, you may want to set these on your lock screen…simply put the jpg in this folder: C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds

But note that its size shouldn’t be > 200kb..
And that it shuld be named : backgroundDefault

Also check out windows 7 live wallpapers:

Lsttly here are 2 favs that i don’t recall the link to, so just putting it here:


 and the other one:


Monitor Settings for Sore Eyes

Sitting on the PC for over 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week can take a toll on your eyes…

I would love to follow the 20-20-20 rule for relaxing my eyes, but sadly its too much…

So i do the only thing that i can…

Change the Calibration of my Monitor so that my eyes don’t blast and yes, as a Rule, i wash my eyes every time i visit the restroom..

Ok so what i wanted to say today is that on mormal days i keep the setting on my 2 HP ZR2240w monitors as:

Contrast: 25

Brightness: 20

But today even that was too much and so i went into other options and changed :

1. Image Control -> Sharpness : 4 to 5

2. the Color -> I changed it from Standard 6500K to Custom RGB wherein i kept R,G and B as 235 (down from default 255)

This has given my eyes relief for now…


There are a lot of links online that give variety of adivse. But i found these 2 to be helpful:



Picture Settings in my LCD

This is the LCD i use:

The way i use it is to connect it to my laptop [HP Probook 4510s] via RGB Port {my HDMI Port doesn’t work}.

The what i do is that in the Windows 7 Projector Menu, i set it to “Projector only”. This way even though my TV’s resolution is 1366 x 768p, same as my lappy, i can increase it to 1600*1200, from the screen resolution menu…

Ok coming back to the topic,

  1. To watch movies, i like the Movie setting {in TV’s Picture Menu}, which is:
  • Backlight : 30
  • Contrast: 90
  • Brightness: 50
  1. To surf and read stuff i use custom setting which is proportional to {half to be exact} the in built Standard Setting of {70,100,50}:
  • Backlight : 35
  • Contrast: 50
  • Brightness: 25
  1. I’ve created another custom setting that’s half of the cinema mode, to use when my eyes are tired:
  • Backlight : 35
  • Contrast: 50
  • Brightness: 25